Saturday, May 26, 2007

The TV is mightier than the Keyboard

Q: Why has Downward Dog's blog been neglected for several weeks?
A: Wuxia drama addict rise again.

Anyone who is a fan of Jin Yong will know this guy writes the best wuxia novels. Most of them got made into tv dramas anyway. Now, I got caught up with the latest china remake of Bixue Jian. Relatively unknown cast butbutbutbutbutbut the fighting sequences are really damn good. One of the best I've seen in a long time. Finally could not resist so had to rent the entire series from the store so I could finish it ahead of slow-poke SCV ch55. :P

Oh it's that good. I hardly went yoga, I finished work promptly as much as I could, so I could sit my big arse at the sofa for 3-4hrs nighty till 1am, happy as a lark. Took me all of 4 days to finish 20 eps. Pretty good record.

Of course, now that Jin Yong drama fever is back, I got myself the entire rental set of Flying Fox from the store too. But aiyah, sequence, hero and cast is not as compelling as BXJ. Yawn.


Lysithea said...

Tsk tsk, you actually miss yoga to watch so much TV? No school?

DRAMA cow said...

See.. thats REAL students and us working adults cannot do!.... watch TV all day!!Sinful!!!
why the attraction to kung fu movies?.. the action better than crouching cockroach, hidden chihuahua?

man, you wear the same smelly shorts and T-shirts routine again?

poor dogs..

drama cow rises