Sunday, April 06, 2008

In rememberance of Hootie

Hootie. Little red fish with the big innocent eye. Always happy. Always innocent. Never minded that he wasn't in a designer bag like Slick always is in, never minded that he didn't get to go on outings daily like Slick does. But now, gone forever. Perhaps trampled by 1000 careless feet at orchard road. Or perhaps he tired of his second-rated (vs slick) life and decided to break free and run away. I miss his big big happy eyes. I tracked back to all the places I could have possibly lost him, but no sign of Hootie. My heart is broken. There'll never be another Hootie again.

I hope he's at peace wherever he is. Off to a better life. My heartache is so immense I had to buy 2 pairs or new sandals to comfort myself. Oh where Oh where art thou Hootie? I contemplate putting up a MISSING ad with a reward offered. Oh where oh where has my little fish gone? :(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hootie should be listening to pinky the ipod.. we not very lucky with pink and red things this week... bit hooties fate surely better than the rest of my fish...who end up being flushed!!.. hootie swim away.. or was it cuz he finally cannot tahan your smelly Gym bag????.