Sunday, January 24, 2010


In a strange twist, the facebook I once scoffed at let me find my long 'lost' cousins. Ok not so lost, just that I haven't seen them in several years since they moved out of SG. Of course I'm totally flabbergasted to find they've got married and or have grown kids. Since my younger bro is also engaged, and save for one young university-age cousin, I'm the last one standing. Do I mind? No not really, except a reminder of youth gone by and years passing on.

A friend's Sheltie passed away, the ripe old age of 13. Another stark reminder of years gone by, as these were companions of my dogs when they were younger. Another reflection of life, fleeting; of memories. As we watch our movie idols and friends take that step to the rainbow bridge ahead of us...another contemplation of how short life is.

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casiewbao said...

life too short for regrets, just do it.

ok.. we going to see sakura, drink sake, shop shop shop... something really nice to look forward :D

Now where is my piggy pig :p